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A regional term for heroin
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5] concentrations forecasted by BlueSky with those measured by the ambient air quality monitoring network, and we compared the plume shapes forecasted by BlueSky with those observed by HMS.
8221; Billingham will remain in a leadership role with BlueSky and serve as Director of Development.
CHANGES: The area where Chavasse Park and Liverpool ONE are now in place, see left - but there's no sign of them on this 1961 image Aerial images supplied by Bluesky International Ltd.
BlueSky Positioning's GPS silicon is embedded on a SIM card, allowing non-GPS phones to use geo-location services.
IBM BlueSky is able to automatically generate records to calculate billing charges for the airport's services including: landing; noise; parking; airport usage by passengers; provisioning of airport facilities and resources for individual flights (such as departure and arrival bridges; check-in counters; buses and others) and special handling services.
BlueSky said its Shop for Home: Buy for Business service allows visitors to select an area of interest, view the aerial image and then buy a digital image or hardcopy print.
Bluesky owner Paul Louden, 37, said: "Everyone wants a Buster dog, but production has been frozen.
Promising to he one of the most significant networking events in the Zurich area for English-speaking professionals, the BlueSky Networking Event will be held in the luxurious Baur au Lac where Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse meets the lake, to ensure the right ambience is achieved
BlueSky, the recently formed aerial photography company, has announced new aerial imagery of New York.
BlueSky is building an advocacy 'agents of change' network among 30-40 year olds married with kids, educated women in Japan; marketing only products and services that meet the triple bottom line and promote a bett er world now and for future generations.
From a transcript of a conversation on the online forum BlueSky
BlueSky Online School, Minnesota's leading online school, has entered into a contract with Don Hainlen, Ed.