Blue Sky

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A regional term for heroin
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Blue Sky Network is an industry-leading provider of mission-critical fleet management, tracking, and operational analytics solutions serving private, commercial, and government customers worldwide.
Here is one of our favorite examples of a motivational story: "After undergoing chemotherapy at MD Anderson in Houston I finally got to wear a blue sky scrubs hat.
John Kirk, head of sales and marketing for nTarget, will oversee the new North Carolina operations centre for Blue Sky Factory, based just outside of Charlotte.
She said, 'Brazil's blue sky is a worthy winner of the title.
One thing that makes Blue Sky unique is the lighting software program, or renderer, that we use.
Through additional indirect and induced employment, another 2,200 jobs are supported by this industry, which means that the forest industry in the Blue Sky Region is responsible for approximately 4,500 direct, indirect and induced jobs.
Blue Sky has since dedicated the whole operation to the entirely computer-generated feature "Ice Age" for Fox.
A past client of Blue Sky stated, "When Blue Sky came out they did a sweep and a camera inspection of my chimney.
New SkyRouter provides complete satellite tracking, and when used along with Blue Sky Network's premier D1000 Automated Flight Following (AFF) compliant tracking hardware, it offers near real-time data while on site, and improved situational awareness and fire retardant usage to to Erickson assets.
Blue Sky founder Dave Lambert stated, "It is important to ensure your chimney is functional and workable before you use it.