Blue Room

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A euphemism for the morgue in some (US) veteran’s administration hospitals
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In 2014, the Newcastle University team reported in PLOS ONE, how eight out of nine children treated in the Blue Room were able to tackle the situation they feared and some were even found to have completely overcome their phobias.
Crighton accused fans in the members' lounge of being drunk and rowdy and even feared they would storm the Blue Room at the top of the marble staircase.
The Blue Room is the only live venue in the world where artists can record live shows straight to vinyl.
It seems like a natural part of one's life, he says, and " looking out of my blue room was a logical extension".
The second night, we decided to treat ourselves to a meal in the rarefied atmosphere of The Blue Room.
The Blue Room, directed by Alasdair Harvey, closes on June 5.
We're really excited about the Blue Room because there is nothing like this as a concept in Warwickshire," Mr Fergusson said.
Like Love - Part Two features interviews with Blue Room members on the subject of the diverse nature of love.
In addition, on 17 September, the blue room will webcast an exclusive Nelly concert, live from Burbank, USA.
Every Friday, rock to some hip-hop, ghetto funk, soul and Afro tunes at The Blue Room sessions taking place at Club Submarine.
US communications company AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) announced on Friday (6 June) that the AT&T blue room, the company's online music and sports offering, will deliver the Live Nation Weekly Concert Series, from 6 June 2008 to 28 November 2008.
For, amongst other things, Chris Coco is the man behind the Blue Room, Radio One's award-winning after-club show that runs on Sunday mornings from 5-7am.