Blue Room

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A euphemism for the morgue in some (US) veteran’s administration hospitals
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New music recorded at the Blue Room is often pushed out across all of their social networks which reaches an audience of over 10,000 people.
The ``him'' in question is Jason Connery, and Shaw is starring with him in The Blue Room, David Hare's most erotically charged piece of theatre.
Each piece has a back stamp under the glaze, which says the item is part of the Blue Room collection, not an antique.
We're thrilled to be able to share the sights and sounds of Lollapalooza to even more music lovers throughout the country via our exclusive webcast on the blue room.
The blue room site offers an environment which will change during the year to feature different cities, with visitors invited to explore areas of the featured city in order to access one of the four channels offered.
Third Eye, which has been trading for 10 years and has a six-figure turnover, formally launched the Immersive Blue Room at its Low Willington studio in County Durham yesterday.
The Blue room puts sex under the microscope but even with a subject that fascinates so many of us, it could still use more of a storyline.
When Miss Lawley said it must have been a nice change to do sex scenes with her husband rather than Blue Room actor Iain Glen, she teased: "Maybe".
Spode has consistently added to its Blue Room line since its inception a year and a half ago.
The SBC Blue Room HOW2 Tour is designed to give consumers a hands-on 'how to' experience to help them more fully utilize the technologies they currently own but may under utilize - as well as give them the opportunity to sample technologies they are considering or intending to buy.
The pearls are Michelle's own; FLOWERS Fresh white lilies are delivered regularly to the Blue Room where the president receives honoured guests.