Blue Pill

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Medical history A pill containing mercury, sweetener, flavoring and excipient, formerly used as a purgative, also known as mercury mass
Sexual health Viagra®

Vox populi A term that has become a metaphor for accepting the world as it is, to continue living one’s life as if in a dream. The term is from a pivotal scene in the sci-fi classic film The Matrix in which the protagonist, Neo, chooses to take the red pill and learn the realities of his simulated existence
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From age 11, every few days she was forced to take some blue pills.
Researchers from the University of British Columbia confirmed that the little blue pill did not help women with sexual dysfunctions such as difficulty getting aroused.
And doctors say men continue to suffer in silence, despite the hype over the little blue pill.
THE world's most famous little blue pill may have an unexpected side effect - divorce.
Blue pill Viagra works in 20 minutes and lasts for around an hour.
The little blue pill has also been credited with saving the life of a premature baby, turning one man's vision blue and even with reviving a flagging Christmas tree.
After all, great sex needs more than a little blue pill.
Pictures film, "The Matrix," Fearnley invited associates to take either the blue pill and maintain their current status or to take the red pill and discover the true potential of the company.
It's a love that can go all night but without the little blue pill," said Banks.
Many years ago, I used to joke with my husband that when we get old we'll get a blue pill.
The fact that researchers only this week said it is just as effective as Viagra has nothing to do with my request, although, if it is more convenient to you, I don't mind accepting it in a small blue pill form.