Blue Ear

An ear beset by external ear trauma, in which the green-brown hemosiderin coupled with the Tyndall effect imparts a bluish tinge to the external ear
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Animal disease investigators found a "pseudo-rabies virus" -- which is related to the herpes virus, rather than rabies -- and also the virus that causes blue ear disease, "which likely killed the pigs", the report said.
html) Bloomberg says , and has come up negative for other dangerous diseases like foot-and-mouth, swine flu, hog cholera, and blue ear.
Melbourne, May 24 ( ANI ): Marvel Comics has created a superhero called Blue Ear in honour of a four-year-old boy from Salem, who was born with a chromosomal disorder that left him with severe hearing loss.
This decrease can at least be partially attributed to the Blue Ear Disease scare, which caused some Vietnamese consumers to stop buying pork.
In the meantime, the development of traditional national compulsory vaccines such as foot and mouth disease vaccine, bird flu vaccine, blue ear disease vaccine, hog cholera vaccine in China are relatively mature as a result of national animal vaccine procurement policies.
A leading contributor was blue ear pig disease, a virus that spread through 25 of China's 33 provinces and regions in 2007--08.
The SHFS kit has been clinically proven to be highly effective in restraining secondary infections resulting from porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, also known as blue ear disease.
It got better: 1986 saw Chernobyl in sheep, 1993 saw BSE, 1995-96 blue ear disease in pigs and in 2001 foot and mouth.
She finishes off the look with a pair of dangling gold and blue ear rings from Miss Selfridge ( an essential accessory for dressing up any outfit this season.
Baby Buzz'r is a round plastic toy, which buzzes, beeps and blinks, with a face on the front, a red and blue ear on each side that babies can chew when teething and a yellow circular mirror on the back.
The Ultimate Ears 100 Blue Robots features a blue robot on each earphone - and includes a deep blue cable and aqua blue ear cushions.
In May Feedinfo News Service reported that Blue ear disease was spreading in Vietnam's Red River Delta, affecting 12 provinces and cities, according to the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.