Blue Bone

An early lesion of otosclerosis characterised by repeated cycles of lacunar resorption and replacement of the otic capsular bone in a background of immature vascularised spongy neo-osteogenesis with basophilic—bluish—cementum, which with time, evolves to bony mosaics
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26, Tesco Direct Poppy seaside scene blue bone china mug, pounds 7.
The roll-call of discarded items in her toy box reads like a Pet Generation Game: a giant plastic day-glo carrot; a tiny rubber lorry (one previous owner - the Borrowers); a pair of pimply balls; a roaring Hulk, an old-fashioned hoop; a sad monkey; a farting shark (Great White); a furry mobile phone that stopped ringing long ago; some rancid socks; a startledman's head; the cardboard tube from the inside of a Bacofoil roll (for reasons known only to canines, this is the bestest of the best); and a big blue bone made from some indestructible polyurethane material, manufactured during the NASA space programme with a half-life of three trillion years.
Rossetti is a pale blue bone china pattern with a platinum band; Henley features a geometric gold design; Marlowe is a black and white bone china pattern trimmed in platinum; and Palermo features a pale green border banded in gold.