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McMillan, Mary

(1880-1959), early American physical therapist and a founder of the American Physical Therapy Association. She was educated in England and was employed at the Children's Hospital in Liverpool treating patients with poliomyelitis and spastic paralysis. She returned to America in 1915 and became an influential force in the development of the profession of physical therapy.

Breckinridge, Mary

(1881-1965), the American nurse who founded the Frontier Nursing Service in Kentucky to improve the obstetric care of women living in remote mountainous areas. The nurses in the service had training in midwifery and reached their patients on horseback and on foot, often encountering personal danger. The service began training midwives and stimulated the establishment of other midwifery schools.


A regionally popular term for marijuana.
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Remove from heat and add the remaining Bloody Mary ingredients and allow to cool but not set and set aside.
Most people look for Bloody Marys or Mimosas at brunch, and the Bloody Mary had more customizable components, as well as ones that we could change up," Papetti says.
The Ultimate Seafood Bloody Mary costs $25, but is a meal and cocktail all in one.
A super price point makes it easy for customers to take home a bottle of Demitri's Bloody Mary Mix.
Bloody Mary is available throughout June in outers of six, with an rrp of 2 [pounds sterling]-2.
Da Costa said those flavors originate in the basic ingredients in the traditional Bloody Mary, which by one account originated in a Paris bar in the 1930's.
And still another story of Bloody Mary takes place before antibiotics were used to treat common diseases.
Weekend brunch includes their famous (and fiery) Bloody Mary bar.
I remember as a kid taking out the trash before company came so no one would see the empty liquor bottles, the way my father staggered through the kitchen, and the way my mother began her Sundays with a Bloody Mary.
At Swea Hof, a stylishly decorated bar and restaurant located in the Elite Plaza hotel, appetizers include raw oysters topped with Bloody Mary granite and salmon alongside sweet mustard infused with coffee grounds.
Oak Hill Farms--An extensive line of award-winning salad dressings, mustards, salsas and dips, specialty sauces and spreads, tea concentrates, hot sauces, and Bloody Mary mix.
Island Oasis' award winning line consists of 16 flavors of all-natural beverage mixes including strawberry, pina colada, margarita, sweet & sour, raspberry, banana, peach, mango, guava, passion fruit, hurricane, premium lemonade, cappuccino, non-fat yogurt, ice cream and Bloody Mary.