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The direct line of descent; a pedigree.
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The other stallion in the limelight during the last two-years had been Assassi, also from the Northern Dancer's bloodline and represented by the best progeney, Sultan One, an invincible colt during the years under review.
Again, bloodlines are everything when it comes to getting a great dog and color by itself is nothing more than an aesthetic aspect of the dog.
She identifies the bloodlines that carry concentrations of these genes in the domestic breeds and the "hidden" American bloodlines found in thoroughbreds and sport horses around the world.
Harrison and Hetherington's David Pritchard said: "We are expecting both national and international interest, as the Cowporation Dispersal Sale brings together some of the very best Limousin bloodlines in Europe and is a rare opportunity for breeders to add some elite genetics to their herds.
Twelve years ago tests on the 40 remaining reds on the island found they all shared the same bloodline - which had potentially perilous consequences for the future health of colonies.
This rebellious woman from Germany's post-war generation had even had herself sterilized rather than carry on her Goering bloodline.
Maybe it's a sign Hollywood is calling - Emma's certainly having the biggest break of her career with Bloodlines where she stars as Justine Hopkin, an ambitious policewoman whose father, a former CID officer, has been jailed for murder.
Having played that, I realised Bloodlines is one of the first titles to officially utilise Half-Life 2's Source engine.
Baycrest Bulletin, Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, Toronto, August 2003 BLOODlines, Hemophilia Ontario News.
No formal studies could be found investigating the accuracy of the INR value drawn from the bloodlines of the HD circuit.
Products are marketed under the Gambro and Hospal brands and mainly include filters, machines, concentrates and bloodlines for dialysis.