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Slaughter; the act of shedding human blood or taking life, as in war or murder
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Majali stressed Jordan's supportive stand for a political solution to the Syrian crisis that will stop blood shed and reserve the unity of Syrian people.
May be some of their sons and daughter's blood shed to fight for something that affects them more than it would ever affect the US or her allies?
A music video will soon be filmed for the single, which talks about the sacrifices made and blood shed by Egyptians for their country.
Presented in alphabetical order, they include All About Evil, Anguish, Banned, The Bed Sitting Room, The Blood Shed, Death Watch, The Dueling Accountant, Forbidden Zone, Head, Lethal Force, Repo
His visit to Jordan is an arrogant challenge to the feeling of Muslims and a disdain of innocent blood shed in Syria," they said, according to AP.
There has been too much innocent blood shed and the victims deserve to be honoured with the truth.
The Secretary-General advised that before undertaking a discussion on the causes of the escalation, the immediate priority is to de-escalate the situation to avoid any further blood shed," said Martin Nesirky, the Spokesperson of Ban Ki-moon.
The innocent lives that were killed and the blood that was shed are Arab lives and the blood shed is Arab blood.
I appreciate the courage of the Tunisian people who managed to topple a dictatorship without blood shed," said Mr.
A number of Military experts and political analysts stressed on Sunday that the martyrs' blood shed in the occupied Syrian Golan and southern Lebanon on the occasion of the 63rd anniversary of the usurpation of Palestine gives great momentum to the Palestinian issue bringing it back to the top priorities.
No one should expect us to remain silent as long as Israel does not wash out the blood shed in the Mediterranean.
I think every American life lost, and every drop of American blood shed in these two wars is utterly wasted.