blood tumor

blood tu·mor

term sometimes used to denote an aneurysm, hemorrhagic cyst, or hematoma.
An obsolete nonspecific term for any blood-filled mass, e.g., hematomata, aneurysms, hemorrhagic cysts
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At the time of admission, the physical examination and laboratory test results were normal, with the exception of a slightly elevated blood tumor marker (CYFRA21-1: 5.
45 (260m): Typhoo (Scr), Max's Boy (3), Blood Tumor (4), Reggie (7), Esther (7), Nutcase (8).
I have the privilege of working with blood tumor markers like HE4, which aids in detecting ovarian cancer, from a bench top validation (ELISA) to an automated analyzer.
Even leukemia, a blood tumor, responds, he said, because it turns out that leukemia needs to form new blood vessels in the bone marrow to grow.
The sample collection included: 999 breast cancer; 1,156 kidney and bladder cancer; 985 gastrointestinal cancer; 744 brain cancer; 745 lung cancer; 670 ovarian, uterine, and cervical cancer; 436 head and neck cancer; 177 prostate cancer; 70 melanoma cancer; and 35 blood tumor samples.
Additionally, the rapid and sustained reduction in Sezary counts observed in many patients with a higher blood tumor burden, which is typically associated with advanced stage, more aggressive disease, is noteworthy.
The report includes individual analyses of Clinical Diagnostic Serum Based Cancer Markers and describes the important Organ Specific Blood Tumor Markers for Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer, as well as many additional clinically important tests.
So far, the ACT approach is effective against liquid, or blood tumors, rather than solid tumors, as are found in breast and colorectal cancers, for example.
The company is developing CAR T products against a range of cancer antigens with the potential to target both solid and blood tumors.
Fujifilm has initiated clinical trials of anti-cancer agents FF-10501 for the treatment of relapsed or refractory blood tumors since August 2014, and FF-21101 for solid tumors such as lung cancer since January 2016 also at MD Anderson Cancer Center.