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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi adjective Referring to light yellow colored hair
noun A person possessing such a hair color
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Worst of all, L'Oreal have now decided there are actually successful and intelligent blondes.
NEW blonde on the block Carol Vorderman has revealed she has been inundated with "offers of fun" since dying her hair.
When I look out from stage into an audience it's usually a sea of blonde, like harking back to the days of Mae West and Grace Kelly.
Professor Rees wants to find out how much more susceptible to sunburn blondes are and to put together data of what happens to people with blonde hair.
A lot of blondes talk about going red - but it takes a lot of guts to actually do it.
Not a mechanical doll but a projected celluloid image, this sexy blonde wears a red suit and munches a big, tempting apple.
On Halloween night, Hitchcock's heroines Janet, Tippi and Eva Marie take center stage on WE's small screen to share personal stories about the legendary director, experiences making their signature films and what it's like to forever be remembered as a "Hitchcock Blonde.
The installation serves as monument to blondes that lives on long past Blonde Appreciation Month (TM) to showcase the nation's collective vision of what it means to be blonde.
June is Blonde Appreciation Month, claims one leading hair care company.
There was a near tragedy at the Buchanan Galleries shopping mall in Glasgow last week - a power cut left two blondes stranded on the escalator for almost five hours.
Viren Swami said that his results may reflect a shift in fashion, with brunettes now being idealised in the way that blondes were several decades ago.
I changed my mind about the phrase and decided it is applicable to some blondes, especially if they have a death wish.