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I'd just written a song called Arizona, and it's all about alien contact and I was playing that," Blobby says.
Sheena Reid, whose house overlooks the Lynn of Lorn, said the Mr Blobby paint job had been carried out to protect the same view that would be ruined if the sewage pipe was built.
The majority of Welsh television audiences have better taste that to watch shows and characters similar to Noel Edmonds's Mr Blobby, a metaphor for a nation gone soft in the head and proof of England's deep seated attraction to trash.
The "creative genius" behind Mr Blobby is advising us on Welsh language policy.
It would be too cruel to say Robbie has more in common with Noel's old chum Mr Blobby.
I'm looking forward to a lengthy musical medley featuring Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle, Mr Blobby and that hilarious opera singer from the Go Compare adverts while the Chuckle Brothers should be on hand to ensure that all the changes of scenery go smoothly.
LIVERPOOL'S Danish midfielder was infamous for piling on the pounds when he was out injured and was often dubbed Mr Blobby by fans.
After all, how else can we explain the success of Mr Blobby and the Crazy Frog?
This generosity pays off, for in general the work shown is of higher quality, too: much will be familiar to readers of the AR, and quite a lot testifies to the international appeal of the blobby stuff done at the AA at the moment, but there is also evidence that young architects everywhere--I estimate the average age here at around 45--are finally developing a coherent new language for good ordinary buildings, the one goal that has too often eluded Modernism since the 1970s.
Mr Blobby, the song starring the pink polka dot TV character of the same name, has been deemed the second worst track to reach the top slot.
One thing I can't live without is red meat, particularly beef, but I don't want to be Mr Blobby.