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A popular term for software with many features, few of which are actually used and which slow down the hardware
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The addition of this software to a phone already swollen with bloatware isn't really a positive as far as Verizon's customers are concerned.
While PC vendors claim that bloatware - pre-installed
that the bloatware disabled Windows own feature to stop Microsoft automatically
Sony's TimeScape UI is stable but there's bloatware that takes away from the experience.
Microsoft has had the bloatware accusation thrown at it countless times but now the company reportedly wants to make money turning back the tide of PC-slowing software with a little-known service called 'Signature'.
While the InFocus Turbo 5 does offer good battery life, issues such as lack of fast charging, bloatware, and sub-par performance make it hard to recommend.
It doesn't come with bloatware or any other software features that can bog down the phone's performance.
Apple's iPhones have always been bloatware free, and with its new iPhone upgrade program, consumers can head straight to Apple rather than the carrier.
Sony has bloatware of apps but has added some useful apps for daily use.
The heating issue is a major flaw, along with the bloatware and other holes in the UI.
More stock apps can now be disabled or uninstalled, making it easier for users to declutter busy screens, often full of carrier bloatware.
And that's just the OS itself; trying to patch individual forks of each version of that OS from Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, ZTE, Huawei, HTC, and other vendors are a different story entirely, not to mention whatever bloatware and other customizations each carrier adds to the OS on top of that.