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Drug slang A regional term for a white cloud around a pipe being puffed with cocaine
Public health A storm characterised by heavy driving snow, strong winds, and intense cold covering a wide area
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The winning photographer will be awarded free Blizzards for a year.
More than 175 million Blizzards were sold in that first year.
Peter McHugh, partner at Challinors Blizzard, said: 'Through this union both businesses have modified themselves to provide a unique combination of lawyers and surveyors with an all inclusive service of both legal and technical services.
The year was two days old when the worst blizzard in decades blanketed states from Minnesota to Texas, killing more than 20 people, and snarling road and air travel.
When I heard of the two sagas, one ending in safety and the other in tragedy, I thought of how I once had been caught in a similar blizzard, of how fortunate I was to escape, and of the precautions available to keep winter adventures safe and fun:
The blizzard developed over Texas and the Gulf of Mexico and then rolled straight up the East Coast between March 12 and 14.
But we thought since the Weather Channel is naming blizzards, we would lend them our Blizzard Treat names should they need them," said Barry Westrum, executive vice president of Marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation (ADQ).
As a result, we are giving one lucky Blizzard customer out there the opportunity of a lifetime: to be our Blizzard apprentice.
The new Blizzard cakes, like the classic Dairy Queen Chillabration cakes, can be customized by ordering in advance.
Some stops will feature an extensive celebration that includes an emcee, music, photo opportunities, a "snow storm," free Mini Blizzards and a chance to experience the Blizzard([R] )Blaster - a giant, upside down, inflatable Blizzard cup filled with chilled, swirling scented air.
The Blizzard birthday celebration begins in April with the introduction of the Berry CheeseQuake(R) Blizzard line.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Today, Dairy Queen([R]) kicks off fall with the introduction of the enticing new Oreo([R])Cookie Jar Blizzard([R]) Flavor Treat and a special offer to customers who join the Blizzard Fan Club (BlizzardFanClub.