Bleeding Edge

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A term for that which is even more advanced that the cutting edge
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Some successful examples of using what was, at the outset, bleeding-edge technology: stealth technology, reconnaissance satellites, battlefield integration of information, the SR-71, and smart bombs.
Still, until current PC technology offers some major, compelling reason to upgrade, consumers may concentrate on bleeding-edge devices, and let PC OEMs simply bleed.
This week, SIGGRAPH comes to the Los Angeles Convention Center (the film will be shown repeatedly during the week there, too), attracting 50,000 graphics wizards of all kinds to show off their latest bleeding-edge technologies, art, animation and more.
Santa Clara Based Facility to Expand Design Fabrication Assembly Solutions Available to Support Bleeding-Edge Programs and High-End Aerospace and Defense Customers
We believe their bleeding-edge data, intelligence and research capabilities are a natural fit for our clients, who continue to push us toward threat identification, assessment, and attribution," said John Schreiber, InfoArmor's president.
Granted, cell phones, pagers and email can hardly be called bleeding-edge technology.
In other words, SANs have been a bleeding-edge technology, not a business proposition.
We'll separate out the promise from the reality, and give practical information on the best of bleeding-edge Java technology.