Bleeding Edge

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A term for that which is even more advanced that the cutting edge
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We'll get back to bleeding edge in a moment, but first let's look at some related terms.
Bleeding Edge is a comprehensive survey of the pressures at work in today's health care system, with a unique, pragmatic focus on the economic and cultural forces driving what is often perceived as chaotic change.
Cirexx International has been a driving force in high technology PCB's and assemblies for 28 years and our MIL qualification for 31032 now allows bleeding edge programs and high-end defense customers to take advantage of our superior manufacturing abilities, lead times and second-to-none engineering support.
Alex Iuorio, senior vice president, supplier management and business development for Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas, commented As a company that supports customers on the bleeding edge of the wireless connectivity and remote sensing technology curve, we are keenly aware of the increasingly critical role antennas will play in any mobile device solution.
We can build an Xtreme 917V with almost a terabyte of high speed storage and the processing power of four CPUs, this is the bleeding edge of desktop replacement.
For those on the bleeding edge, where the innovations come hourly, where some countries get it (India) and others do not (Germany), where Moore's Law is the speed limit and Napster challenges the concept of copyright, there is growing awareness that our society is out of control.
Some say we're on the cutting edge, or you could say the bleeding edge because we're ahead of the pack in providing Web hosting services.