Bleaching Cream

A hydroquinone-based cosmetic decolouring cream used by those who perceive their skin as being too dark
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People use to say "face creams", meaning that the woman or man has treated his/her face with some bleaching cream.
for aesthetic treatments like skin bleaching cream and BLT numbing cream for laser hair removal.
When I was a teenager, I secretly bought facial bleaching cream to get rid of the trail of freckles across my nose.
The dermatologist prescribed the singer bleaching cream Benoquin in 1990 and famously had to reveal to a grand jury how Jackson had tried to bleach his private parts.
For Moore, it meant using an at-home bleaching cream to start to diminish age spots on her hands, then undergoing four sessions of Fraxel laser treatments to stimulate collagen production, thereby eliminating sun damage while tightening and plumping up the skin.
If you see no improvement after six weeks, see a doc for a bleaching cream or to check insulin levels.
Localized exogenous ochronosis (blue-black hyper pigmentation) of the face developed in a fifty year-old black woman who had used a proprietary bleaching cream containing 2% hydroquinone up to six times daily for about two and half years.
Ferguson use bleaching cream on his face, neck, and hands.
Using a topical retinoid -- often in conjunction with bleaching cream and a mild topical steroid -- may gradually fade an age spot.
33) The Nadinola Bleaching Cream promised "White Skin While You Sleep