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Etymology: ME, blechen
the act or process of removing stains or color by chemical means.
Dentistry The process of removing stains from the teeth; whitening is the generally preferred term
Dermatology The process of removing color or pigment from the skin using various potentially harmful chemicals
Environment A mass extinction of coral in certain regions which is variously attributed to global warming or to local stressors
Vox populi The removing of stains or colours, in particular, the process of whitening fabrics by chemicals—e.g., bleach, or bleaching powder consisting of chloride of lime


Technique used to brighten stained teeth.
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1. The process of changing colour from the pink of a dark-adapted retina to a pale yellow colour after it has been exposed to light. This is due to the reaction of the rhodopsin pigment. The process is reversible if the healthy retina is allowed to remain in the dark.
2. Process to remove a tint from organic lenses. See visual pigment.

bleach, bleach·ing

(blēch, blēching)
Removal of color from an object using chemicals or light.


n the use of a chemical oxidizing agent to lighten tooth discolorations. Preferred term is
whitening. See also agent, whitening.
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A less-expensive route to whiter teeth is custom-made bleaching trays from your dentist, an option that costs about $300.
The report, titled "Climate Change, Coral Bleaching and the Future of the World's Coral Reefs," found that global warming of 1 C to 2 C over 100 years would cause devastating bleaching events to occur annually on the Great Barrier Reef by around 2030.
The wave of warm water passed around the globe and where it passed, one month later in each place the bleaching began.
2]) bleaching of cellulosic fibers obtained from wood and non-wood materials is a fairly well known technology.
Less common is laser bleaching, an in-office treatment that uses laser light to activate a peroxide-based gel applied to the teeth.
The project included the installation of a 23-ton-per-day chlorine dioxide generator and a modification of the mill's bleaching plant.
This book gives updated information on environmentally benign approaches for pulp bleaching, which can help solve the problems associated with conventional bleaching technologies.
Activated Bleaching Earth (CAS 70131-50-9) Market Research Report presents comprehensive data on activated bleaching earth markets globally and regionally (Europe, Asia, North America etc.
They measured bleaching efficacy by quantifying norbixin, an apocarotenoid found in annatto.
The introductory article, "Skin Bleaching and Global White Supremacy: By Way of Introduction" by guest editor, Yaba Amgborale Blay, critically examines the symbolic significance of whiteness, particularly for and among African people, by outlining the history of global White supremacy, both politically and ideologically, discussing its subsequent promulgation, and further investigating its relationship to the historical and contemporary skin bleaching phenomenon.
Traditionally, scientists have attributed coral declines after mass bleaching events to the bleaching only," said Marilyn Brandt, a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Miami and the lead author on the research paper.