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Regional drug slang for heroin
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Under the agreement, up to 10 megawatts of power may be supplied to the mine and chemical plant to be constructed at Aguas Blancas.
Cogliandro stated, "The finalization of the Basic Engineering Report and reserve studies represents a major achievement for the Company in the development of the Aguas Blancas project.
is completing the design and construction of its Aguas Blancas plant through its Chilean subsidiary, Minera Teslin Ltda.
Phase 1 Basic Engineering for the Aguas Blancas project was recently completed by Bateman/Parsons.
With Boron, Brennan will assume full supervisory responsibility for the development of Boron's Aguas Blancas project.
Bateman has been involved in pre-production studies for the development of the Aguas Blancas property since 1988, and together with Parsons brings extensive processing and construction experience to the development of Aguas Blancas.