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The 1986 site of a nuclear reactor accident near Kiev, Ukraine, which was caused by a steam explosion. It is the worst nuclear power plant disaster in history and the only level 7 instance on the International Nuclear Event Scale. It resulted in a massive release of radioactivity following a power excursion which destroyed the reactor
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The meeting paid particular attention to black grass resistance problems and how important cultural control now is in the fight against the weed.
The black grass, ophiopogon, black bamboo and black phormiums were used in the Garden of Night by Capel Manor College and the Longacres Landscape teams Yin and Yang garden for dramatic effect.
Great plants that make a striking statement are the black grass or Ophiopogon Nig rescens, and Viola Bowles Black.
THE deep foliage colour of the black grass, Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens, makes a striking contrast to the bright flowers of Rudbeckia hirta Toto and soft green fronds of the fern.
GIVE a boring gravel bed a new image with a collection of blue glazed pots packed with spiky-leaved plants such as the purple flax, Phormium Purpureum, variegated yucca Golden Sword and the black grass Ophiopogon Nigrenscens.
Plant orange- coloured tulips in between clumps of the grassy-leaved bronze carex to re-fuel the tired embers of a winter display and pack a punch in your patio pots with yellow tulips poking through the black grass Ophiopogon Nigrescens.
The year's "in" colour promises to be black so give your patio a trendy look with light-coloured pots filled with black grass.
The white-flowered variety Golden Starlet has bright yellow foliage that turns lime green in winter and looks stunning with black grass or the silver variegated Euonymus Silver Queen.
Combine them with the black grass, Ophiopogon Nigrescens, in stainless steel containers on the patio for a stylish new look.
For a slightly more sophisticated effect, plant snowdrops in an oriental-style pot alongside the black grass Ophiopogon nigrescens.