Black and White

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Drug slang for a formulation of amphetamines
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If we care about how much the two distributions overlap each other, we should calculate what is known as an "age-standardized" measure of the black-white gap, defined as the difference in the black and white average scores in a given grade divided by the standard deviation in scores in that grade Applying this approach to my example, one would conclude that the black-white gap has not changed across grades.
See, for instance, Hall's account of why lynching is as much about keeping women, both black and white, in their place as it is about suppressing black men.
The Purple Flower's accessibility to white performers - who can play either White Devils or light-skinned Us's - makes it particularly useful in predominantly white institutions, where white directors sometimes hesitate to direct African American plays focused unambiguously on "the black experience," and black and white students can thus be limited to a white repertoire.
Both black and white students' responses suggested that our discussions of racial casting, and our ultimate decision to cast across race, made possible what Deborah Thompson has described as not merely "color conscious" but "color consciousness-raising" casting (139).
In the middle of the story, Wright provides the ironic insight that corruption is the only common ground where black and white people can meet.
The clashes that occur between black and white people result from the prevailing social, economic, and political views, and have little to do with the desires, fears, and doubts Fishbelly keeps within him.
Moreover, their views of the shared cultural identity of black and white America fit the magazine's specifically North American socialist ideology.
He regarded the cabaret, for example, as a useful social institution because, more effectively than any other, it was breaking down the color line: Black and white common people could be found together there, lured by the two basic instincts of hunger and sex.
Finally, the presence of a mixed Black and white audience indicates that the performance probably was not sponsored by a church or fraternal organization.
In business for profit, these owners dismissed serious black art and promoted vaudevillian and minstrel acts which frequently featured scantily or half-clad black women as voyeuristic centers of the black and white male gazes.
HULL entertain Bradford in the tie of the Challenge Cup fifth round and the Black And Whites could cause a minor shock by knocking the Bulls out at the KC Stadium today.
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