Black and White

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Drug slang for a formulation of amphetamines
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Virginia Supreme Court case that struck down laws banning black and white marriages was handed down in 1967.
Another way to assess the performance of the education system with respect to racial disparities in achievement is to compare the subsequent performance of black and white students with similar initial scores.
Taken together, both AlabamaNorth and Racial Situations show how individuals, both black and white, necessarily operate within boundaries set by race and class, yet largely shape their own identities.
Black and white abolitionists countered by insisting that these claims merely concealed the racism behind colonizationist actions.
Most critics view Jones as the victim, not only of white racism but also of social emasculation at the hands of the black bourgeois and, more specifically, black and white women.
As many had done before him, Ike Shaw recounted his story of the 1919 massacre as a testament to the bravery of those who had stood together and to the increasingly violent racism that continued to divide black and white farmers in eastern Arkansas.
In Chapter Two of Reconstructing Womanhood, Carby argues that access to the cult of "true womanhood" was unavailable for Black women and that different sexual ideologies operated for Black and white women.
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