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One was a woman in a slim black dress, belted small under the armpits, with bulges like a cabbage in the middle of the sleeves, and a large black scoop-shovel bonnet with a black veil, and white slim ankles crossed about with black tape, and very wee black slippers, like a chisel, and she was leaning pensive on a tombstone on her right elbow, under a weeping willow, and her other hand hanging down her side holding a white handkerchief and a reticule, and underneath the picture it said "Shall I Never See Thee More Alas.
Looking out of the corners of his eyes, he saw her ample shoulders draped in white, the back of her head, with the hair done for the night in three plaits tied up with black tapes at the ends.
com)-- It is suspicious that Harvard Law School, about two weeks after it very publicly denounced whoever placed black tape over the photos of several of its black law professors, and referred the incident for investigation as a possible hate crime - all according to the Washington Post - have not yet released the identity of the perpetrators, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf.
Frantic discussions took place before it was agreed that the visitors could turn out for the game with black tape covering the sponsor's logo.
A week ago, someone put slivers of black tape over the faces of most of the African-American professors.
We were in the dressing-room and Larry Hogan, our kitman, came around and put black tape around our arm as a mark of respect," Dowling explained.
6 Run a strip of black tape along the top and bottom edges, one half over the front and one half over the back, to conceal the raw edge of the 'fabric'.
A search of the property recovered a large knife and silicon applicator that had been wrapped in black tape to look like a firearm.
The women marched with black tape over their mouths, calling on the public to be more sensitive toward violence against women.
Hundreds of journalists, many with black tape over their mouths, held silent protests after the three were sentenced to challenge what they see as growing media censorship in Egypt.
Their "methods" include tampering with meters, accelerating unnecessarily too many times, putting black tape partially covering the "0" to make it look like "1" and taking longer routes to reach the passengers' destinations.