Nigella sativa

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Nigella sativa,

n See nigella.
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On the other hand, toxic compounds of black seed such as saponins and parasmyn, can destroy tissue and ovarian follicles due to loss of estrogen [12].
Nutritional Value Black Seed Oil Protein 208 ug/g Thiamin 15ug/g Riboflavin 1 ug/g Pyridoxine 5ug/g Niacin 57 ug/g Folacin 610 IU/g Calcium 1.
An English translation could be phrased as "There is healing in black seed for all ailments except death.
Black seed has been researched for very specific health conditions.
As reported by WWD, Kim is really impressed by the line of products, especially the Black Seed Dry Oil.
High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of the pharmacologically active quinones and related compounds in the oil of the black seed (Nigella sativa L).
Protective effect of black seed oil from Nigella sativa against murine cytomegalovirus infection.
Hair-thin and tipped with black seed, with the look and taste of green onions.
Finding a black seed in a watermelon is as rare as finding a snowflake in July.
Some cutesy little black seed pod drop earrings from East, a black and white stripe straw bag from H&M which is like a 1930s folded circle, and my Ruby-Woo lipstick from Mac.
Brush dough with beaten egg; sprinkle spider with black seed, eggs with white seed.
Demand for the little black seed, used to make vegetable oil, rocketed after frosts wiped out much of the acreage in mainland Europe.