Black Rose

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US slang during the Vietnam conflict for a sexually-transmitted disease affecting those frequenting local prostitutes
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The black rose and led the way by a roundabout route back through the camp.
As he stepped out into the night the figure of a huge black rose and barred his progress.
The two men in black rose, bowed to Aramis and D'Artagnan, and advanced toward the door.
Ashley is known by many from her feature in Sophisticate Black Hair Magazine, Bronner Brother Shows as featured model for CHI, MY DNA Universal Products, and as the Opening Act for Tyrese Gibson Black Rose Atlanta Block Party at DBS Sounds.
25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Black Rose Writing announces the release of Waiting for the Cool Kind of Crazy by M.
He said to me, aACAyTyrese, I love your Black Rose album.
The Rose Knights' cooperation is sometimes strained by personality conflicts, and lately the Black Rose Mutsuki has been recovering frightful memories that distance him from the others
The Ricoh Arena and Earlsdon-based Black Rose Studios are joining forces to host a local band night in Bar 87 on Friday at 7pm.
Ian Black rose to the challenge during training for today's trip to Brechin.
The mango varieties featured in the festival include Kent, Palmer, Tommy Atkins, Manalagai, Cengkir, Harum Manis, Organic, Long Mango, Kesat, Grape Mango, Sundhari, Sindhooram, Nadan, Panchavarnam, Vazhakoombu, Neelam, Kader, Kazhaled, Chenkal Varikka, Rumali, Kilichundan, Mallika, Malgova, Kalapadi, Himapasanth, Kotturkonam, nathala, Allover, Ammini, Apple Gound, Badampuri, Black Rose, Chakkara Gound, Cheeri, Cheru Nadan, Dilpasanth, Gova Mango, Gudadat, Jailer, Ko Mango, Kudoos, Ladu, Moovandan, Nadasala, Natti Colour, Nattiya-1, Nattiya Big, Natty Gold, Ottumalgova, Palgova, Priyoor, Red Apple, Red Rose, Santhi Malgova, White Malgova, Alphonso, Badami, Totapuri, Kesar, Rajapuri, Peather, Roja, Omlet, Green Sweet Mango, Chockanan Mango, Mahachanok, etc.
Neil and Virginia have now set up Little Black Rose Productions to develop fresh talent and to bring the community together.
Every Valentines we are asked if there is such a thing as a black rose.