Black Rain

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Precipitation colored by soot, poorly burned petroleum products, and/or industrial pollutants
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Goblins blow fountains of smoke, working with black rain clouds to keep out the light.
He had short brown hair and was wearing a black rain jacket and grey tracksuit bottoms.
Mia Melon and One Man Outerwear work to supply wearers with a sleek alternative to sporty camping jackets or shiny black rain jackets.
He was aged between 30 and 40 and was wearing navy blue jeans, a red hooded top and a black rain jacket.
The black rain in the dream wet me and it began to haunt me.
At the movies THE crime action thriller Black Rain was a hit at the cinema.
Each of the drawings on them depicts a black rain cloud trailing streams of water.
Black Rain Ordnance, along with their Premium Cleaner & Solvent, has an aerosol rust preventative/ lubricant billed as "Water Displacement for Firearms.
Staff at the company offered their expertise in developing, manufacturing and launching the brands Identitee, XYZXY and Black Rain.
BLACK RAIN (1989) A collision of cultures as cops Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia struggle to work alongside Japanese officer Ken Takakura as they go after the Yakuza.
It was a radioactive hell and they were peppered by toxic black rain from the fallout.