Black Cadillacs

Regional drug slang for amphetamines in black capsules
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Best Coast, Master P, Geto Boys, John McCauley and Friends featuring sets from Deer Tick and Diamond Rugs, Ultramagnetic MCs, The Cool Kids, Jonny Fritz, Those Darlins, Hands, Beach Party, The Black Cadillacs, Bogus Boys and Spenzo, Chance the Rapper, Show You Suck, Little Barrie, Heliotropes, Girl in a Coma, The Sour Notes, The Sword and more.
Red Bull Sound Select provided fan-favorites: Beach Party , The Black Cadillacs , Show You Suck , Heliotropes and The Sour Notes with tour support; a performance slots alongside headliners from their respective hometowns; and even gave their most active fan (and 3 friends) an all-expense-paid trip to watch them perform in Austin.
Underwood delivered the deliciously dark and depraved murder opus, "Two Black Cadillacs," while what looked like the coolest, cruelest car commercial ever unfolded on the humongous video screen behind her.