Giulio, Italian physician, 1846-1901. See: Bizzozero corpuscle.
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To date, companies have replaced millions of pounds of toxic chemicals with safer substances, and increased the efficiency with which they use chemicals, according to Rich Bizzozero, director of the Office of Technical Assistance and Technology at the state Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.
Marco Bizzozero, CEO Deutsche Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, said, 'The migration of the operational platform and the outsourcing of support processes allow us to concentrate on our strengths and to free up resources for our core business: client advisory and investment management.
Deutsche said that El Masri will report to Marco Bizzozero, CEO of Deutsche Bank (Switzerland) and Head of Private Wealth Management for Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA).
Neumann and Bizzozero, both contemporaries of Osler, are credited with making the initial observations leading to the recognition of the marrow as the seat of blood formation.
For more information: Simona Bizzozero, Tel:+44-7880-620-856, Email: simona@qs.
Celle-ci serait d'ailleurs profitable a tous les pays y compris pour les economies de petite taille comme l'Uruguay, si on se fie a l'article de Lincoln Bizzozero, voire celles de taille moyenne, comme le cas du Chili analyse par Claudio Jedlicki.
An estimated 28 million Americans have used indoor-tanning facilities (American Academy of Dermatology, 1997; Bizzozero, 2002).
Claudio Ortolani, Divisione Medica Bizzozero, Centro di Riferimento Regionale di Allergologia e Immunologia Clinica, Piazza Ospedale Maggiore 3, IT-20162 Milan, Italy; phone: +39 02-64442414; fax: +39 02-64442027; email: ortolani@stnet.
According to Richard Bizzozero, director of technical assistance in the state Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, the 400 dry cleaners that operate in Massachusetts use approximately 300,000 pounds of perc each year, which is considered a health hazard when its gets into groundwater or becomes airborne.
Osler was one of three investigators, the others being Hayem and Bizzozero, who working independently over an 8-year interval would provide observations that would establish a foundation for platelet biology.
PIA lobbyist Peter Bizzozero said it was crucial that PIA members press for passage of TRIA now.
The momentum to extend this vital financial backstop is now on the side of those of us advocating for it," commented PIA assistant vice president of federal affairs Pete Bizzozero, who attended today's committee mark-up.