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We also thank Zhejiang Key Laboratory for Diagnosis and Bioelectromagnetics Laboratory of Zhejiang University School of Medicine for their assistance.
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He said that medical robots, nanorobots, bioelectric and bioelectromagnetics in diagnosis and treatment, the tissue and stemcells engineering, medical laboratory's smart equipment, digital and nuclear medicine are the topics of the Congress.
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Further research in bioelectromagnetics put forward that each organ of biological bodies have different electrical properties such as conductivity and relative permittivity.
The first chapters give an introduction to the field of bioelectromagnetics.
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Typical applications of FEKO include antenna design, antenna placement, electromagnetic compatibility analysis, bioelectromagnetics, radio frequency components, three-dimensional electromagnetic circuits, design and analysis of radomes, and radar cross-section analysis.
Beverley Rubik discusses consciousness in relation to "subtle realms," such as bioelectromagnetics, and argues for greater gender balance in future research, a softer yin-based approach.
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