Artificial Pancreas

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An insulin delivery device designed to control glucose levels and optimally deliver insulin to a patient whose islet cells don’t secrete enough insulin
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Two oxygen-producing compounds, including one that boosts performance in some laundry detergents, might one day play a key role in helping scientists successfully build a bioartificial pancreas in the lab to cure type 1 diabetes.
These studies provide a proof of concept for using oxygen-generating materials to solve one of the major obstacles to engineering a bioartificial pancreas - making sure the cells have enough oxygen to function until the structure integrates with the body," said lead scientist Emmanuel C.
As a substitute to these options, scientists are working to build a bioartificial pancreas by encapsulating insulin-producing cells within tiny biocompatible beads.
The strategies and methods of this work could be relevant to the development of other bio-artificial organs, such as a bio-artificial liver or bioartificial pancreas, and organs on chips - such as a kidney on chip, a lung on chip, or a liver on chip.
Extracellular matrix scaffold technology for bioartificial pancreas engineering: state of the art and future challenges.
MAILPAN (MAcroencapsulation of PANcreatic Islets) is a prototype of bioartificial pancreas usable in the human designed to treat type 1 diabetic patients.
The project proposal of a 36-month duration intends to bring the most modern and up to date improvements that the bioartificial pancreas still needs and can receive such as to enhance cells survival inside the device by formulating a new adapted cell culture medium, to further lower the rejection risk by studying the biocompatibility and anti-inflammatory mechanisms, to test the prototype in primates, and to validate its further use in humans.
The authors' aim in this work is to correct diabetes by the use of a bioartificial pancreas (BAP).