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J.J., 20th-century Australian gynecologist. See: Billings method.
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Billings, who will turn 60 this year, works 14-hour days but has time to practice with the two-person Harry Harpoon Band every night.
Sam Lagana, the former director of the Wooden Award and still a committee member, admires Billings.
AMR will collect the reads and report this to the DEP for billing purposes.
Many times a billing error occurs when they calculate your catch-up bill.
I've had gobs of surgery, tons of it," Billings says of the series of medical procedures she began in her late 20s.
In a matter of seconds, the City of Billings will now be able to review operating statistics and compare them to last quarter or last year's, track trips by funding source, see where money is being spent, and determine if the number of trips and mileage are increasing or decreasing at any given moment.
Specific forward-looking statements contained in this press release include, but are not limited to, (i) the continued success of the Company's efforts to address the challenges it faced during fiscal 2004, particularly with respect to its billing and collections issues; (ii) the Company's expectations that it will be able to reduce the dilution level and costs to implement its new billing method to more normal levels over the next few quarters and; (iii) the Company 's expectation of stability, profitability, and growth in fiscal 2005.
Physicians seeking medical billing alternatives to the local 'mom & pop' billing companies will feel comfortable knowing that our ISO 9001:2000 certified medical billing process will provide their practice with both stability and security in the volatile medical billing environment.
After selling control of his company in 1984, Billings turned to education, helping to form the International Academy of Science, a non-accredited, alternative education, institution of higher learning with a charter to promote the flow of scientific research and development from the laboratory to the marketplace.
CMM is leveraging their expertise in medical billing and cash flow management while applying leading edge technology, allowing physician groups to transmit billing and patient data and demographics to CMM via secure, wireless technology, at the time of service.
Quintel stated that it had received notice late last week from Bell Atlantic that it would suspend billing of Quintel's Enhanced Services for 60 days, and also learned yesterday that SBC was suspending billing of the Company's 900 telephone entertainment services and a portion of the Company's Enhanced Services.

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