Big Eight

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A popular term for the 8 most common allergy-inducing foods—peanuts, soybeans, wheat, tree nuts, milk, eggs, shellfish, and fish
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The spending power some of that big eight have got might get them closer to the top teams in the coming seasons.
You do not have to hire a Big Eight consulting company to develop a good backup plan.
I was able to work with Sam when I first started out, he was a Big Eight partner and was showing me everything that I was supposed to do," said Fender.
He grew up in Kansas, went to Kansas State on a scholarship and was the first African-American baseball player in the Big Eight Conference.
The only thing the big eight clubs in South Wales could agree on is that under no circumstances should North and Mid Wales have a professional regional side.
Using responses to the ten accounting exposure drafts receiving the highest public responses, the active role of Big Eight (now Big Five) firms is underscored.
They regress abnormal stock returns on earnings surprises and test for a difference in the earnings response coefficients (ERCs) between Big Eight and non-Big Eight auditors.
Well, that's the big eight that will be giving the bookies some sleepless nights this season.
Because clients were demanding an array of consultative services that went beyond the audit, the Big Eight firms had begun to realize that they were professional services firms, not just auditors.
Instead, when word reached Lincoln that the San Francisco examiners were on their way, Arthur Andersen, the Big Eight accounting firm that was Lincoln's auditor, dispatched a team to "stuff the files" with the sort of documents that other financial institutions consider vital to making investment decisions.
It's one thing to be told about a statue of King Ramses II that's so big eight people can sit on one of its fect.
While we do not find significant differences between the long-run performance of IPOs associated with the Big Eight and the second-tier CPA firms, both groups perform significantly better than the IPOs associated with the small CPA firms.