Big Brain

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A neurogenic Drosophila gene of the major intrinsic protein family, which has cell adhesive functions that may be important for Drosophila neurogenesis. It is essential for proper differentiation of ectoderm; it acts synergistically with neurogenic locus proteins Notch and Delta during the separation of neural and epidermal cell lineages in response to the lateral inhibition signal; it has voltage-insensitive monovalent cation channel. Ion transport in big brain is blocked by divalent cations
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Said Executive Producer Craig Piligian, "Maybe our audience is full of big brain geniuses - let's see
He says: "On my Christmas list I have a Nintendo DS with Big Brain Academy and Super Mario games.
It doesn't take a big brain to realise the wire is there for the safety of the public," Judge Michael Dudley told Hodgetts.
Persistence was thought relatively important (seven per cent), but a big brain isn't vital.
Sometime in the 90s, when teen movies took a shift back to Molly Ringwald-era geeky-girl-gets the-guy plots (She's That Girl, Never Been Kissed), the high school world acknowledged that having a big brain is attractive and awesome.
Under Taylorism, the reigning "assembly-line" model of corporate culture (named after Frederick Winslow Taylor, the founder of scientific management), front-line workers perform discrete, simple tasks that are coordinated and controlled by several strata of managers, all of whom answer to one big brain at the top-the CEO, king of the corporate machine.
Caption: Hominids in Spain some 400,000 years ago had protruding teeth and no chin, as in this fossil, but had not yet evolved the big brain cases seen 200,000 years later in Neandertals.
Begins search for the next great innovator with the premiere of THE BIG BRAIN THEORY: PURE GENIUS featuring Kal Penn tonight at 10 p.
Together, the findings strongly support the idea that relative brain sizes among species are shaped through a balance between selection for increased cognitive ability and the costs of a big brain.
It's easy for lab biologists to view fruit flies as simple animals that just feed and reproduce, but we are beginning to realize that that may be in contradiction to the big brain," Condron said.
The lucky pupils will be drawn out of the hat to play games such as Big Brain Academy and Brain Training.
They will be asked to play Big Brain Academy on a Nintendo Wii - a game which stretches mental agility by testing memory, analysis and identification.