bibliographic database

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a collection of data or information. In online information retrieval, a collection of index records in machine readable form.
bibliographic database a database containing bibliographic records.
full text database a database containing the complete text of a source document such as a legal decision, news story, journal article, or other primary source.

bibliographic database

An indexed computerised database or printed source of citations of journal articles and other reports in the literature.
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With inclusion in these additional bibliographic databases, JNCCN articles are more readily available to physicians, nurses, allied health professionals and students from around the world The EMBASE journal collection is international with over 5,000 biomedical journals from 70 countries.
Buy print and electronic serials, and annual subscription for use of bibliographic databases in 2015.
We're delighted to work in partnership with Ovid to bring this important biology resource to market, complementing as it does the EMBASE database that is already available on Ovid," said Chris Kluiters, Director of Bibliographic Databases, Elsevier.
Besides sharing the cost of access to mostly bibliographic databases, there is also potential for distributing labor and sharing expertise in the management of full-text electronic resources, as is currently being attempted within the CIC with electronic journals and electronic texts in the humanities.
Working in partnership with the global science and health communities, Elsevier's 7,500 employees in over 70 offices worldwide publish more than 1,800 journals and 2,200 new books per year, in addition to offering a suite of innovative electronic products, such as ScienceDirect, MD Consult, Scopus, bibliographic databases, and online reference works.
Contract notice: Supply bibliographic databases, electronic journals and electronic books, for the financial year 2014 for the needs of libraries auth (contest 337/2014)
Over a million researchers, librarians and students use EndNote to search online bibliographic databases, organize references and images in a database, and create bibliographies.
Just as fulltext databases have flourished for their one-stop offering of locator and document, so too will the new electronic journal services flourish once they are linked to the bibliographic databases and local systems used to locate information in the library.
0 will be the first Internet search client that can search remote bibliographic databases and instantly turn search results into a properly formatted bibliography in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect.
The librarian is viewed as a valuable resource in the selection of bibliographic databases and vendors, planning and testing of search strategies, and use of Medical Subject Heading (MESH) tools and other controlled vocabularies" (Mead & Richards, 1995, p.
In the short term, we anticipate an online catalogue of between 300 and 400 live, full text journals, which will complement our bibliographic databases," Nelson added.
With the imposed limitations, the subject search of online bibliographic databases yield just over 600 citations.

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