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Any sporting event made up of two disciplines which, as a winter sport, refers specifically to cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The so-called modern biathlon combines running and swimming but, when no Olympic-sized pool is available, a biathlon may consist of running and biking, usually bicycling and running—i.e., it is a triathlon without the swimming
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An athlete who excelled at winter sports, Keith Oliver made his Olympic debut in Sapporo, Japan - in the Biathlon.
The Pink Biathlon was well received by the public as the pristine white beaches of Jumeirah Beach Hotel were filed with hundreds of people there to take part in the festivities for breast cancer.
An added incentive this year is an invitational biathlon at the Pentathlon World Championships at Crystal Palace, in August, for the top two athletes in each age group.
Bjorndalen is the safe card," said Torgeir Bjorn, a technical coach for Norway's biathlon team, while Bertil Valderhag, sports editor for the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, said: "The King of Salt Lake City will repeat.
Biathlon athletes should be ready to answer swimming quiz questions.
Now he plans to take on Scotland's most gruelling biathlon, the Highland Coast to Coast Challenge.
INVITATION TO BID DEPARTMENT OF BUILDINGS AND GENERAL SERVICES STATE OF VERMONT Contractors are invited to bid on the CEATS - BIATHLON IMPROVEMENTS 2014 PROJECT for the Vermont Department of Military at 91 Ethan Allen Road in Jericho, Vermont.
MOSKOVA (CyHAN)- Crimean tank crews will for the first time participate in a tank biathlon contest, the press service of the Russian Southern Military District told reporters Monday.
th] annual Wrightsville Beach Biathlon when the two sports converge on Saturday, March 22.
BABLAKE School pupil Conor Jelley came first in the West Midlands Biathlon Championships, which acted as a qualifier for two national championships.
ATHLETES from across the Gulf are gearing up for a series of biathlon events to be held at the Marina Club in July.
TALENTED young biathletes from Merchant Taylors' Junior Girls' School have won through to achieve outstanding success in the national finals of the British Schools' Modern Biathlon Championships.