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A tool found in Stone Age archeologic ‘digs’ in China which may correspond to early acupuncture needles
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In joining IFX and BIAN we are building on our participation in the development of other international and national standards bodies.
Through Oracle s membership in both BIAN and the IFX Forum, Oracle can contribute from experience gained delivering a broad range of solutions and technology to innovative financial institutions across the globe.
the Wudai shi] say that Bian was a descendant of Li Lin, prince of Yong, the sixth son of Tang emperor Xuanzong.
0 represents a significant landmark for BIAN, as members will be given access to a complete Unified Modelling Language (UML) model of the BIAN Service Landscape.
David Gibson, chief officer and company secretary of the council, said: "Bidean Nam Bian is a fantastic location to go climbing at this time of the year as it is very beautiful.
Bian said New Year cele-brations would not be complete without sharing traditional Chinese food with the family.
BIAN recently published its Service Landscape version 1.
These data confirmed the beneficial effect of XCP on the prevention of winter COPD exacerbations," added Bian.
The objective of this research was to assess the genetic diversity of Bian chicken, using Jinghai chicken and Youxi chicken as controlled populations, based on 27 microsatellite markers recommended by the International Society for Animal Genetics and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO/ISAG, 2004) and on 2 unrecommended microsatellite markers.
The BIAN initiative consequently represents a real opportunity for banks to accelerate replacement of inflexible legacy environments, create IT and ultimately business agility, and reduce integration costs without simply slashing costs.
The film, produced by Kari Karim Bian, has been described as a modern day "Romeo and Juliet" and tells the story of a young love forbidden by ageold tensions between Israeli-Jews and Arab-Muslims in Jerusalem.
Bian Geng Feng, 31, was trapped under a crumpled six-storey building.