Betula pubescens

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Betula pubescens,

n See birch.
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plant macrofossils KIL-1 Schoenoplectus lacustris Nuphar lutea KIL-2 Schoenoplectus lacustris Najas marina Carex vesicaria KIL-3 Schoenoplectus lacustris, Betula pubescens KIL-3-2 Najas marina KIL-4 Betula alba, Populus tremula KIL-4-2 Najas marina KIL-5 Salix sp.
The high number of Carex seeds (over 140) in layer VI and Cyperaceae pollen at the beginning of PAZ Kz2 suggest the development of a local wetland succession where also Betula pubescens, Betula nana and various Salix shrubs were growing.
The study site is open calcareous-rich fen with a sparse tree layer (mainly Betula pubescens and Picea abies), surrounded by paludified forest (in the east) and slightly drained bog pine forest (in the west).