Betula lenta

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Betula lenta,

n See birch.
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Althoug h Slab City X currently contains no Betula species, the high basal areas of Betula alleghaniensis and Betula lenta at the site in 1937 (Table 1b) may indicate that these species were more important in the Betula-dominated late 1800s.
6C) and the 1937 stand analysis (Table 1b), suggest that Betula lenta, Fagus grandifolia, and Acer rubrum may have been abundant in the decades following the blight, and then subsequently died.
In contrast, Betula lenta exhibited higher survival through the subsequent years.
Beal = Betula alleghaniensis, Bele = Betula lenta, Acru = Acer rubrum, Fram = Fraxinus americana, Bepa = Betula papyrifera, Qubo = Quercus rubra.