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Fourth quarter 2002 sales of all other glaucoma products, including Betoptic S(R) ophthalmic suspension, Azopt(R) ophthalmic suspension and timolol GFS were $70.
Among pharmacologically-treated patients, two-thirds are currently prescribed prostaglandin analogs, specifically Allergan's Lumigan, Alcon's Travatan Z, and Pfizer's Xalatan, with the remaining use being split between fixed combination products (Allergan's Combigan), beta blockers (Alcon's Betoptic S), alpha agonists (Allergan's Alphagan P), and carbonic anhydrase inhibitors (Alcon's Azopt).
Pediatric patent extensions were granted to Alcon for Betoptic S([R]) ophthalmic suspension and to Falcon Pharmaceuticals for Timolol GFS, which extends the patent life of both products by six months.