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One of several red plant pigments; a betalain. An example is betanin. Elevated in urine of patients with beeturia.
[L. beta, beet, + G. kyanos, dark blue substance, + -in]
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sessilis grown under different combinations of growth regulators and light qualities, aiming at evaluating whether these factors can increase betalain and flavonoid production.
However, this residue can be used as raw material for the extraction of pigments, due to the presence of betalains which present attractive and stable color (LI-CHEN et al.
The changes in a* values of sausage samples were because Amaranthus pigments contain betalains and anthocyanins, which exhibit red or violet (Cai et al.
Livrea, Distribution of betalain pigments in red blood cells after consumption of cactus pear fruits and increased resistance of the cells to ex vivo induced oxidative hemolysis in humans, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry: 53, 12661270 (2005).
Furthermore, the role of betalain pigments in chemoprevention in lung, liver and skin cancers in mice, and inhibition of the cell proliferation of a variety of human tumor cells, have been demonstrated (Kapadia et al.
Cacti-Nea is a soluble cactus fruit extract that, thanks to a high concentration of the betalain, indicaxanthin, offers natural weight management support and antioxidant protection.
Some specific topics examined include betalain pigments and color quality, achieving phytonutrient enhancement in a potato by breeding for increased pigment, and the role of color and pigments in breeding, genetics, and nutritional improvement of carrots.
The physiological mechanisms responsible for the color change of the flower may include the gain or loss of pigments such as anthocyanin, carotenoid and flavonol, the appearance of betalain or a change in pH (Faegri and van der Pijl, 1979; Scogin, 1983; Weiss, 1995).
Betalain acid ascorbic phenolic contents and antioxidant properties of purple red yellow and white cactus pears.