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One of several red plant pigments; a betalain. An example is betanin. Elevated in urine of patients with beeturia.
[L. beta, beet, + G. kyanos, dark blue substance, + -in]
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Betacyanin was isolated from Portulaca oleracea L, which is used widely not only as an edible plant, but also as a folk medicine in different countries to treat different ailments in humans.
The absorbance of betacyanin solution at 538 nm was determined, and the betacyanin content in Portulaca oleracea seedlings was estimated using the molar extinction coefficient for betanin of 65 x [10.
After acclimatization to the laboratory conditions for 1 week, the mice were randomly divided into six groups of ten animals each: the vehicle control group, model group, two betacyanin groups and two vitamin C (VC) groups.
Effects of betacyanin on the behaviour of D-gal-treated mice
Betacyanin and VC treatment significantly shortened the latency as compared with the D-gal treatment, but at the same dose the effect of betacyanin was more pronounced than that of VC.
In the probe trial, model group mice failed to remember the precise location of the platform, spending significantly more time first crossing the non-exits than control, betacyanin groups and VC groups.
The betacyanin fractions thus obtained were lyophilized.
ficus-indica fruit pulp were extracted and purified by gel filtration chromatography and then on HPLC to yield a prominent betacyanin pigment (data not shown).
In the present study we have analyzed the effects of betanin, a principle betacyanin pigment isolated from O.
In the present study we evaluated the anti proliferative effects of betanin, a principle betacyanin pigment isolated from the fruits of O.
In conclusion, the present study demonstrates that betanin, a natural betacyanin pigment isolated from the fruits of O.