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3-Aminopropionic acid or β-aminopropionic acid; a decarboxylation production of aspartic acid. Found in the brain, in carnosine, and in coenzyme A.
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The analysis also revealed the presence of beta alanine, vanadyl sulfate, and taurine, all of which the company includes in the product's ingredient list.
During the amino acid and beta alanine shortage in 2011, DNP was able to bring in much needed materials to help their customers running the production line.
Formula52[TM] Intensity Generator: The heart, soul and passion of the Power Fuel formula, Formula52[TM] is packed with a proprietary blend of Nitric Oxide precursors and facilitators to help stimulate pump, clinically tested fatigue-fighting agents beta alanine, caffeine and a taurine to aid performance and focus.
New sustained-release beta alanine dietary supplement developed by sports science experts at PowerBar helps athletes keep muscle fatigue at bay and enhance high-intensity performance --
Formulated for endurance, team sports and strength athletes looking to enhance their high intensity performance, new PowerBar HIGH INTENSITY sustained-release beta alanine tablets mark the entry of the PowerBar brand into the sport dietary supplement category.
PowerBar HIGH INTENSITY sustained-released beta alanine tablets provide an even supply of beta alanine to muscles.
Providing the sustained-release form of beta alanine and gaining NSF certification were important considerations for us as we move into the sports dietary supplement category.
Expo attendees can visit Prolab's booth to enter the contest to win a gym bag full of favorite Prolab products -- including Thermo Fire([R]), Humino Maax[TM], Nitro Fire([R]), N-Large2[TM] (Cinnamon Oatmeal flavor), Lean Mass Complex([R]) (Chocolate flavor), and Beta Alanine Extreme[TM] -- as well as a Prolab gym towel, t-shirt, and more.
Electrolytes were added to replenish and aid in proper hydration, and beta alanine was included to help improve endurance.
Beta alanine, "the endurance ingredient," was also added as it has been clinically proven to raise the anaerobic threshold in endurance athletes, helping them work longer, faster and harder in less time.
has introduced two exciting new products -- Prolab([R]) Beta Alanine Extreme[TM], and Prolab([R]) Advanced Caffeine[TM].
Prolab([R]) Beta Alanine Extreme[TM] contains specifically dose-calibrated beta-alanine and L-histidine to minimize flushing while optimizing benefits in order to fuel the body's ability to increase muscle carnosine synthesis by forty-two per cent.