Ernest H., French dermatologist, 1831-1909. See: Besnier prurigo, Besnier-Boeck-Schaumann syndrome.
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Sunder S, Lanotte P, Godreuil S, Martin C, Boschiroli ML, Besnier JM.
Musee du Louvre, Paris Two pots a oille with trays from the Walpole Service, 1726-27 Nicolas Besnier (active 1714-54)
kongrenin baskani Ernest Besnier dermatolojide hangi terimi ilk kullanan ve bu islemin kullaniminin tanisal onemini dunyaya ogreten olmustur?
E o tema da emergencia, desenvolvido por Jean Michel Besnier, enquanto a ciencia e a tecnica modernas perderam o ideal cartesiano do dominio que os definia, pois eis que as utopias pos-humanas oferecem a perspectiva do todo outro (Besnier, 2010).
French scientists Besnier (Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications, Rennes) and Demoulin (emeritus, U.
Lactalis is also, by virtue of its private ownership through the Besnier family, a company that rarely talks about itself in public and, in Smith, has one of the lowestprofile bosses in UK dairy.
Professor Jean-Michel Besnier of France's Sorbonne University is among participants of the event in which subjects such as "Individual and Society", "Laws and Norms", "Ethics and Politics", "Arts and Politics", "Sovereignty and Liberty", "Nationalism and Patriotism", "Laws and Order", "Laws and Justice", "Democracy and Dictatorship", "Utopias and Reality", "State and Society", "Human Rights", "History and Society", "Existence and Society" and "Rights and Identity" will be discussed.
Founded by Andre Besnier in 1933 in the town of Laval, France, in the Loire Valley, Lactalis boasts over 75 years of French artisanship and tradition, and the widest range of specialty cheeses, including the largest array of AOC (appellation d'origine controlee) cheeses.
The madcap challenges were devised by French business students Guillaume Besnier, Marc Blanchard, Arnaud De Bouard and Czech business student Tom Culik.
Pitch can be modified in other ways too, as Besnier (1990) has noted, American women tend to make use of a broader range of pitch (p.
In this book, Besnier also argues for the importance of analyzing the relationship between literacy practices and personhood, claiming "that, in all social groups, personhood as a sociocultural category plays a particularly important role in the process of giving literacy a specific meaning.
The study of rumors has a long history in all the major social sciences, including psychology, social anthropology, geography, sociology, sociolinguistics, and folklore (Allport & Lepkin, 1945; Allport & Postman, 1945, 1947; Arno, 1980; Besnier, 1994; Brunvand, 1979, 1984; Cantril, 1940; Cornwell & Hobbs, 1992; Cox, 1970; Lienhardt, 1975; Neubauer, 1999; Rosnow, 1991).