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Lionel M., 20th-century U.S. internist. See: Bernstein test.
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Elliott Weinstein, 48, newly hired by Bernstein Real Estate, will be the division's retail and showroom specialist.
Additionally, Bernstein most recently forged a strong relationship with Franklin and Marshall College, located in Lancaster, Pa.
Plus, the Bernstein Budweiser-sponsored team is hardly depleted.
Not the way I want to go out, but that's racing,'' said Bernstein, who received an ovation from the crowd while driving back into the pits.
Bernstein is the managing partner of Pittsburgh's Bernstein and Bernstein, P.
All because of one trip, the final measure by Bernstein to stay in racing.
With Barry London in an expanded marketing and distribution role, John Goldwyn supervising production, Kerry McCluggage overseeing television, and Bill Bernstein in charge of business and administration, Paramount has the leadership to meet the challenges of the 1990s.
Bernstein said her organization would refer the case to prosecutors over possible violation of animal cruelty laws.
Bernstein may sell up to 100,000 shares, subject to the satisfaction of minimum price conditions and other contingencies.
Ken Bernstein, executive director of the Los Angeles Conservancy and a former aide to Controller Laura Chick when she was on the City Council, is working with a number of people to create the Civic Forum.
NEW YORK & DALLAS -- The outsourcing industry is undergoing major changes, as buyers demand more value, more flexibility and more manageability from business process outsourcing (BPO) and IT outsourcing (ITO) engagements, according to new findings by Everest Research Institute, based on research that the organization conducted jointly with Bernstein Research.