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Lionel M., 20th-century U.S. internist. See: Bernstein test.
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Woodward, who was likely the last person to see Bernstein alive, told officials he was angry that Bernstein tried to kiss him on the night they (http://www.
In discussing the early 1950s, around the time of Trouble in Tahiti, Laird added the crucial sentence that Bernstein's marriage to Felicia "probably helped legitimize Bernstein as an acceptable cultural figure in the conservative 1950s, but his homosexuality is well known today and he pursued affairs with men throughout his life" (p.
Laird would know, since he interviewed Bernstein himself.
So, in my opinion, Bernstein should not lend money to Boon Huat.
These episodes indeed add to our understanding of Bernstein's life and times, but Seldes undercuts their significance by pointing out that Bernstein knew little of the FBI's activities, which suggests that they couldn't have troubled him much.
When identified as gay, Bernstein and the other artists mentioned above have long been subject to a sexualized taint that had consequences in their lifetimes and of which later commentators and scholars, both friend and foe, have often steered clear.
Even though nine reporters worked the story that Saturday, only Woodward and Bernstein showed up the next day to report on the strange story.
As a sociologist of education, Bernstein argues that recontextualization is concerned with the construction of a pedagogical discourse that "is a principle for appropriating other discourses and bringing them into a special relation with each other for the purpose of their selective transmission and acquisition" (Bernstein, 1996:47).
We need to see some pressure in Midtown," Bernstein said.
And Bernstein has heard of high school teachers who found that reading these books aloud gets students to settle down to work.
In spring 1964, Judd began working with Bernstein Brothers, which since 1913 had operated as a roofing and heating and ventilation business a few blocks from his Manhattan studio.