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Martin, German neurologist, 1844-1915. See: Bernhardt disease, Bernhardt-Roth syndrome.
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Bernhardt became an apprentice at the Comedie-Frangaise.
45pm an exasperated house manager found Bernhardt languidly painting henna on her fingernails while the audience went mad.
Bernhardt J, Tang LS (2008) More options and better job security required in career paths of physiotherapist researchers: an observational study.
Early accounts said that Mme Bernhardt did not give interviews but Laura S.
Next Bernhardt plans to study sticklebacks' dose response to perchlorate with the help of a glycoprotein glue called spiggin.
The French actress Sarah Bernhardt was an internationally acclaimed star of the nineteenth-century stage, but she is largely unknown by twenty-first century audiences.
A fervent Dreyfusard, Bernhardt wrote to Zola the day after "J'Accuse" appeared, extolling him for his courage.
Michael Bernhardt comes from the former Bayer Material Science AG, currently Covestro AG, where he held the same position.
10, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Bernhardt Wealth Management, a nationally recognized fee-only wealth management firm, announced that all three advisors have been named to Northern Virginia Magazine's Top Financial Professionals List for 2015.
Lutz will remain chief financial officer of Covestro, while also succeeding Michael Bernhardt as labor director.
WITH Madame (Sarah) Bernhardt at Liverpool, one remembers how time has mellowed her early eccentricities.
David Bernhardt told reporters that there is no ongoing threat to the area.