(bûr′gē), David Hendricks 1860-1937.
American bacteriologist noted for his study of hygiene and classifications of bacteria.
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Brad Bergey, the current executive director, will remain with the association through this year to help with the transition.
LG has once again reaffirmed their leadership in smartphone imaging and video with the LG V10, and we are proud to recognize it as the first SanDisk EPIC smartphone, said Christopher Bergey, vice president and general manager of Mobile and Tablet Solutions at SanDisk.
From North America to China, consumers are demanding higher and higher capacity storage," said Christopher Bergey, SanDisk's vice president and general manager of Mobile and Tablet Solutions.
CBRE's Matthew Bergey, Stuart Siegel and Brett Kaye represented Motorola Solutions, Inc.
Appeal allowed: Installation of a Bergey Excel |S 10kw Wind turbine on a 20m mast, Edgerton Farm, Hey Lane, Outlane.
8220;Qme is the only social platform that enables members to earn monetary rewards and products simply by being social,” states Tom Bergey, myQme Co-founder, V.
Trautmann (education, Cornell Lab of Ornithology), Fee, Tomasek, and Bergey present 15 lessons that can be used to teach collaboration between middle and high school students and professional scientists when investigating science topics and collecting and analyzing data.
Paula Bergey presented a request for two pedestrian controlled crosswalks, one on King Edward Street at Irongate Drive and one on Rest Acres Road at Cobblestone Drive.
The strategy will see Wyatt create a new website, brochure, social media campaign and media relations programme for SIAC Wind Energy, a fastgrowing supplier of small and medium scale wind turbines and the exclusive distributor of Bergey Wind Power products in the UK and Ireland.
Erected as part of National Wind Week, the American-designed Bergey turbine aimed to show that not all wind-based renewable energy has to come from commercial farms.
For your time and money you will get a serious machine that will produce up to 1,500 watts in 25-mph winds, and outperform my expensive Bergey XL.