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We are pleased to collaborate with Active Biotech to further advance the development of the benzamide technology within the field of inflammatory diseases," said Bjorn Nordenvall, Ph.
The information gained from these studies will enable rational structure- based methods for drug design in the future development of N-substituted benzamides as anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory drugs.
Leanderson commented, "These findings suggest two potential mechanisms for the biological effect of N-substituted benzamides as radio- and chemo-enhancers in the management of cancer.
Declopramide, an oral formulation, is a DNA repair inhibitor based on the N-substituted benzamide class of compounds.
NASDAQ, SSE: OXGN), The Vascular Targeting Company, today announced it has signed an agreement to out-license, on a non-exclusive basis, its benzamide technology platform to Active Biotech AB (SSE: ACTI B) for all indications except for the use of the benzamide compound declopramide.
In 1999 Active Biotech (Active) and OXiGENE entered into a joint research arrangement investigating OXiGENE's benzamide technology platform.
OXiGENE's benzamide technology platform complements our key competence within autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, where Active Biotech has a research and development program that shows rapid progress," said Tomas Leanderson, Active's Vice President of Research & Development.
Patent and Trademark Office for the company's process patent application for methods of inhibiting and/or destroying cancer cells in human patients with the administration of N-substituted benzamide compounds.