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Benner, Patricia

a nursing theorist who confirmed the levels of skill acquisition in nursing practice in From Novice to Expert: Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice (1984). Benner used systematic descriptions of five stages: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient, and expert. Thirty-one competencies emerged from an analysis of actual patient care episodes. From this work seven areas of nursing practice having a number of competencies with similar intents, functions, and meanings developed. They are identified as (1) the helping role, (2) the teaching-coaching function, (3) the diagnostic and patient-monitoring function, (4) effective management of rapidly changing situations, (5) administering and monitoring therapeutic interventions and regimens, (6) monitoring and ensuring the quality of health care practices, and (7) organizational work-role competencies. Benner's work describes nursing practice in the context of what nursing actually is and does rather than from context-free theoretic descriptions.
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In the second editorial, entitled A Political Lament, Benner reflected on the reactions of Americans to the death of Osama bin Laden, and on "the takeover by a militaristic Conservative majority government" in Canada in May2011.
Benner believes that regular exposure to this level of competition is not only great entertainment for Dubai sports fans but also has the potential to motivate youngsters in the region to aspire to international success.
While expectations are low for London, Benner has no doubt his best years are ahead of him.
Borrowing from a broader understanding of spirituality, Benner diagnoses the less-than-thriving state of western Christianity with its less than adequate theology of an embodied-spirituality.
Verna Benner Carson, PhD, a clinical nurse specialist in psychiatric mental health nursing and an associate professor at Towson University in Baltimore, is the president of C&V Senior Care Specialists.
Benner, who was in charge of the squad in Beijing, was also realistic about his team's goals in Guangzhou.
Brainstormed event ideas got tested against the event objectives, Benner says.
Benner, a registered dietitian who serves as vice president of clinical support for DaVita, a nationwide provider of dialysis services, described near-infrared interactance as a "noninvasive, simple, and rapid method of assessing percent body fat based on light absorption and reflection using near-infrared light emission.
In 'From Novice to Expert: Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice', Benner (2) introduced the concept that skill attainment requires a series of progression through the five stages with expected developmental outcomes from each stage.
English, PE, CCP, LEED AP is the recipient of the 9th Annual Benner Award at the National Conference on Building Commissioning.
The pastel was actually priced at $15,000, but Benner got 10 percent off as a DIVA member.
Benner (7) makes a strong case for the healing potential of relational ethics involving practices such as touch and presence.