Alexander, Benjamin

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Benjamin, U.S. physician, 1909–.
Alexander syndrome - congenital disorder resulting in hemophilia-like hemorrhagic diathesis, epistaxis, hematomas, and internal hemorrhaging.
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SCHOOLBOY Benjamin Alexander is living the dream learning his craft alongside Hollywood's elite.
SCHOOLBOY Benjamin Alexander is hoping for a career on the stage as he steps out alongside Hollywood's elite.
Lance Corporal Benjamin Alexander Tate, 30, of North Hykeham near Lincoln, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on the A487 at Pantperthog south of Dolgellau in June 2011.
Third prize - Netbook from Unicomp CJSC went to Benjamin Alexander La Riviere (USA)
Royal Marine Benjamin Alexander Tate, 30, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident on the A487 at Pantperthog, near Corris, at 10.
Finally, Benjamin Alexander assesses Brad Gooch's biography of Flannery O'Connor, whose small but marvelous body of fiction continues to delight, perplex, and astonish nearly fifty years after her death.
Benjamin Alexander Pither, aged 39, died instantly when he was struck by a train after lying across tracks in a tunnel between Five Ways and New Street stations at 4.
An article by Benjamin Alexander is critical of current school-based sex education programs which deny the "four freedoms which abstinence education guarantees: the freedom of self-discipline, the freedom from disease and death, the freedom of information to make sound decisions about their sexual conduct, and freedom from oppressive psychological and emotional disorders.
Kaplan, who advises on tax, Jeffrey Krieger and Bernard Shearer who focus on business formations and planning, and Benjamin Alexander who focuses on public securities.
Graves, of Winchendon; two daughters, Bonnie Wilder, of Wayne, ME, and Beverly Hills, FL; and Brenda Alexander, of Duxbury; five grandsons, Jesse and Cody Graves, of Winchendon; Benjamin Alexander, of Duxbury; Keith Wilder and his wife, Kelly, of Elgin, SC; and Lance Wilder and his wife, Maria, of Burbank, CA; seven great grandchildren, Christopher and Ashley Wilder, of Elgin; and Nathan, Jessica, Jacob, Miranda, and the late Nicholas Wilder, of Burbank; A brother, Richard N.
Benjamin Alexander Speakman, 25, left the Calderdale Royal Hospital in Halifax on Thursday, April 21.
Partners John Melissinos and Duane Kumagai will also join its Bankruptcy practice, while partners Andrew Apfelberg, Benjamin Alexander and Richard Hong will join its Corporate practice.