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Leonardo, Italian gynecologist, 1863-1908. See: Gigli saw.
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The great tenor Beniamino Gigli sang to rapturous audiences at the Empire Cinema, while down the road at the New The a tre a performer named Tony packed 'em in.
Despite offers to remain in France, he returned to Canada, then left again to study in Rome with Beniamino Gigli.
1890: Beniamino Gigli, great Italian tenor who succeeded Caruso at the New York Met, was born in Recanati, near Ancona.
At the Empire Cinema, Cardiffians listened to the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, symbol of a free Czechoslovakia, with the world-renowned tenors Richard Tauber and Beniamino Gigli among a host of stars including Malcolm Sargent and the London Symphony.
Although Jessner sang opposite many of the great singers of her age, including tenors Lauritz Melchior, Beniamino Gigli and Giovanni Martinelli, Met historians have not been particularly generous to her.
That Mr Potts can sing is indisputable, but there is just no comparison with the likes of Beniamino Gigli, or Pavarotti or tenors of the quality of Giuseppi di Stefano and many others who grace the world's stages - mostly Italians.
But with Caruso, Jussi Bjorling and Beniamino Gigli already up there, maybe Big Lucy will be on the bench for a bit.
I AM told that the great Italian operatic singer Beniamino Gigli sang at one time in the grounds of Eryl Aran in Bala, North Wales, during the time of the annual Catholic Processions which took place in Bala.
His listening preference, even at the age of seven, was for the singing of the Italian operatic star Beniamino Gigli.
The 1938 version of La Boheme with the great Beniamino Gigli as Rodolfo and Licia Albanese as Mimi has always been a classic of the recording catalogue, and it reappears on 2 CDs again remastered by Ward Marston as is the indispensable set of Bach Violin Concertos by Yehuhi Menuhin.