cost-benefit analysis

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cost-benefit analysis (CBA)

a type of economic evaluation of medical care expense. It compares the expected monetary benefit derived from different health interventions with the expected cost of providing each of the interventions to determine the best or most profitable option.

cost-benefit analysis

Cost-benefit evaluation Clinical trials A form of economic analysis from a social perspective, in which the costs of medical care are compared with the economic benefits of the care provided, with both the costs and benefits being expressed in monetary units; the benefits evaluated include projected ↓ in future health care costs and ↑ earning as a result of the intervention of interest. Cf Cost-effectiveness analysis.

cost-benefit analysis,

n the comparative study of the service or production costs of a service or item and its value to the subject.

cost-benefit analysis

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Because there is no such thing as a perfect assessment of environmental effects or associated values, decisionmakers and others should view the results of benefit/cost analysis or MCDA as input into the decisionmaking process, rather than uncritically accepting the results and implementing the highest-ranked alternative.
HERS uses benefit/cost analysis (BCA) to select the best improvement options for each user-defined funding period.
Provide training on the new TZD concept, revised tools for prioritizing safety decisions, and benefit/cost analysis etc.